// Coffee talk

I had this posted on my instagram when I first got to New York. I loved it then, and love it even more now. This quote holds so much relevance to my work today - it's there but not quite where I would like it to be. This quote reminds me to continue to produce work even if I'm not 100% happy with it. The more work the more likely I'll finally produce something that I really really like [like Floyd]. All of this work has proven to me that things don't happen right away, if they did there would be no story. The journey would be boring. No stories of only having $100.00 in my account to last me half the month, or interning at a fashion development company which required me to run around new york city in and out of subways with garment bags full of clothes, clean out closets, restock toilet paper, do the dishes, sweep the floors, and steam every single piece of clothing as only some of my duties, or spending my Fridays in my beautiful Greenwich Village apartment taking 100 individual photos for the "Meet Candice" section, and teaching myself how to build my own website while living off pop-tarts and refillable instant coffee. Every new door presented required work behind it. I'm excited to reach my next new door, I know I have of a lot work to do, but I have a good feeling Collection N Fifteen is going to be something really special.

New horoscopes are up also. Happy Wednesday x -C