// Location: Hoboken

I think this place is actually called "biggest slice in Jersey". And they were. Rach and I stumbled here after dinner and drinks, naturally. I love nights outs with Rachel. She's a [Canadian] TV personality who's gonna be something pretty special one day. Not that she isn't already now. We literally spent our night talking about the future, where we see ourselves, and then would tell each other stories at how our life is going to look. The drunker we got the more ridiculous the stories became. My story of our lives yesterday sounded something like this - "You're gonna fly into Paris from your movie shoot in LA on my private jet for my runway show. And I'll have my stylist or myself have an outfit all ready for you at Hotel Costes where I'll have my entire crew set up". The crazy thing is, that could actually come true. I can recall many many nights years ago talking about how I'm going to move to New York and become a textile designer. I'm living that story. We spent the walk home talking in English accents. Sometimes I feel the more I practice the higher my chances are of getting one. Makes sense right? Boyfriends are fun, but there is nothing like girl time.