// Bucket list

This morning over my morning coffee and hard boiled eggs, I decided it was time to update my bucket list. It was fun to see how many ticks I could cross off from my last updated bucket list in 2014. Other ticks just had.to.go. I no longer have a desire to sit on the Hollywood sign. Seeing it from a distance is just fine by me. Isn't it illegal to do that anyways? Goals change! I also never would have ever thought in 2014 that I would be designing wallpaper, never mind do mural installs in New York City - so I obviously had to set goals to see where this wonderful, unexpectedness could go. Like why can't I design Beyonce's house, or fill the walls at a Soho House location, or hotels in Paris. My how life works. Pretty increds. According to our Horoscope guru lady Cal, Mercury is in retrograde until January 25th. Which means it's probably not the best idea to push anything until this time has passed. So in meantime I'll be goal setting like the ones above, making a brand new vision board, and working my ass off in the studio [puts on her Apple Music playlist] Happy TGIF! x -C