// APRIL 5TH 2014


I couldn't sleep last night, my new read Aleph felt too intense for 12 am so I opened my computer and scrolled to 2014. Some of these pictures take me back to my intense interning days. I say intense because interning in New York is intense. I was interning at a fashion development company, and all I remember is schlepping piles of clothes on my back across the city in 90 degree heat. I interned four days there, and one day in Brooklyn at a fashion textile company. From 10:00 am - 7:30 pm I was covered in paint, or cutting up squares of fabric, and then heat transferring hundreds of prints onto these fabrics. The best education I ever got. I would walk home exhausted yet never upset because the light at 7 pm in New York takes my breath away. I then served at a restaurant on the weekends. Backwards hat, my running shoes covered in food, sweating from how busy brunch was. CKD happened somewhere in between all of this. How life can change in just two years. Ok, now to look forward. Happy Friday x -C