// 1:29 pm


Anyone else have moments of deep need for adventure. The last time I had this feeling I packed my bags for new york city. I left for education, but ended up learning way more than how to paint a rose. Meeting different people surrounded by different buildings is necessary for growth. This photo was taken post bed bugs in my most favourite apartment on 50th street. I was moving, it was a Wednesday, and the day was spent with Rachel and photographer Jose. We drank mimosas and laughed more than Jose took photos. I'm not sure where CKD will end up, people keep telling me Cali is the place I need to be. Living by an ocean does sound fantastic. The dream has evolved to have multiple homes. My home home surrounded by family, trees and open land, with a separate barn as my studio. A home in Cali, possibility a place in New York. Wouldn't mind a villa in Tuscany. So my cute children can learn Italian and grow up to be cooler than their mother. If you're thinking about adventuring outside of your comfort zone - I urge you to go. Change brings growth, and there is no better feeling than stretching your mind far beyond what you thought was possible. x -C