// Location: New York

Three cancelled flights kept me in New York longer than expected. The perfect extra long weekend in meetings, working from the new Ludlow Soho House serendipitously creating more meetings, and spending quality time with my ny fam. I'm now curled up in the studio fully aware that I won't be leaving here until late tonight. 2017 is going to be busy

It was cold in New York. Yet even when the coldness would find it's way to my bones through my layers of clothes I couldn't stop smiling. I walked into a magazine newsstand Thursday night in Nolita. The same newsstand I would spend hours in dreaming of one day picking up a magazine with Candice Kaye Design in it. Then the moment happened. Milieu Winter 2017 has gifted me a six page spread in it's Profiles section. I literally started dancing when I spotted it. I've created something that is now this real living thing with it's own pulse. Thank you Milieu for making dreams come true.

So New York has Christmas pop up bars scattered around in the city. This is new. I've been wanting to go to Rolf's forever, but could never get a reservation. Until someone thought why not make our own Rolf's in our own existing bar. Change the menu, only play Christmas music, have the bartenders dress in Santa shirts, serve drinks in santa mugs, and decorate the place in all Christmas. Genius. Our christmas pop up was Hawaiian theme. Santa in a speedo, and drinks served with rum and tequila. Alright, headphones on. Back to work. x -C