// Location: Madison Square Garden

Have you seen the Jim Carrey commencement speech yet? I say yet because it's a speech worth listening to. I learned a lot yesterday while standing backstage - or 'back of the house' as they call it at Yeezy Season 3. I had a moment of clarity, a lightening strike that hit my brain and made everything clear for like one second. I got one of those before - the next day I quit my second job and decided to move to New York. Living here for as long as I have trying to 'break' into the industry while working full-time hours all at the same time has taught me a lot about people and from observing, the kind of person I want to become. Part of success is who you become when you start gaining success, or rather what you allow success to become of you. Yesterday Rachel's friend Mark, who is the director of the entire show treated us with such... kindness? I've been given a lot of incredible opportunities, but in turn almost always am treated and reminded like I've been given a favor. Mark didn't make us feel like that yesterday. He took the time to make sure we got all access passes, gave us a tour, and told us to come in and out of his work space at anytime. Let's keep in mind he had a show to direct on like 50 different Television stations. By this time I hope you have listened to Jim Carrey's speech because I'm about to reference it. I've learned there are different kinds of people in this world, Jim Carrey outlines about four:

This painting is big for a reason. This painting is called “High Visibility.” (laughter) It’s about picking up the light and daring to be seen. Here’s the tricky part. Everyone is attracted to the light. The party host up in the corner (refers to painting) who thinks unconsciousness is bliss and is always offering a drink from the bottles that empty you; Misery, below her, who despises the light — can’t stand when you’re doing well — and wishes you nothing but the worst; The Queen of Diamonds who needs a King to build her house of cards; And the Hollow One, who clings to your leg and begs, “Please don’t leave me behind for I have abandoned myself.”

Everyone is attracted the light. Naturally. I've fallen into many different traps on this journey to my big dream. The traps always start obvious at the beginning. But as I move closer and closer to the light the traps became harder to recognize. Yesterday taught me what Jim Carrey meant when he said "Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you". Life will provide you with the opportunity to invent your own style on how you will navigate through it. So far for me it's: remember who burned you - learn from them thank them, and then grow up to be like Mark the director. 

In other news Yeezy was dope. His new Album in unrreeeealllll and I'm not a huge fan of Yeezy's music. For the fashion, if I think I understand it he's bringing the streets to high fashion and it makes me want to invest in one of his bomber jackets so I can wear it with my black silk dress tonight.