// Jasmine Chong

I actually don't think I'm a size 2. Maybe let's do a size 4 in the pants, and I'll keep the 2 for the jacket, gracias. Last night Andrew and I went to the Jasmine Chong show [photos coming soon] and decided it was a good idea to then drink happy hour margaritas after that has rewarded me with a massive hangover. Haha you should have seen me on my commute this morning. Dragging my feet, sun glasses half down my face. Hungover in New York is the WORST. People are moving so fast around you, you need to hop on buses and catch subways which require flights of stairs to climb. Today the escalator wasn't working. I caught myself giving death stares to the pretty people walking around all not hungover and happy. In better news I'm starting to feel back to normal. It's 11:46. Also I don't know how the selfie below has any relevance to this post. K, bye.