// the art of comparing yourself 

Anyone else sitting on social media right now and comparing, wait no admiring, I hate the word comparing, admiring someone else and wishing you were in their shoes? I used do it all the time. More so on my days of extreme self doubt. It's like this downward spiral that usually needs a glass of whiskey and a love story to get me feeling normal again. It's hard to think for yourself, and as someone who constantly pushing herself to think innovatively, thinking for yourself takes time. I received an email this morning from a reader [hi!] who asked how I handle the pressure of social media. I'm an artist, therefore will constantly change and perfect my craft. Social media used to make me feel like I'm not working fast enough. Trying to catch up however just put me on a never ending hamster wheel. So how do I handle the pressures of social media? I don't, because there is no pressure. We have all the time in the world to do what we love, and the moment you realize this the social media world seems to slow down as well. So whenever you get overwhelmed, put your head down and get back to work. And work for yourself not for anyone else. That authenticity will eventually shine through in time. I say time, because it really does take time. Time isn't there to discourage you, it's there to help, and give you the freedom to find who you are. Nothing happens overnight and I'm so happy it doesn't. Think free people. x -C