// Girl Boss- Podcast 

So this is pretty much what the studio looks like on a coffee refill break. I'm finally sitting down with my computer, it's been a long and interesting day. Naturally some Tarot Card reading followed. I had a meeting down at the Lower East Side today which left me falling off my chair. Things are happening and things are happening quickly. I started to listen to Girl Boss radio. I'm in love with Sophia Amoruso [the founder of Nasty Gal]. She's just like a normal chic with mad street smarts which I admire. She has her own Podcast which I listen to on my lovely commute from the city to Hoboken. Today she was speaking to Moj Mahdara the founder of Made with Elastic and the CEO of Beautycon. Besides the fact that she made me want to be her best friend, she said something really cool about Fear and the importance of it - "I think fear is a vital part of entrepreneurship and living, I think you have to like love it and embrace it, it's your romantic counterpart in anything that you do, and if you can't lean into it, you are not going to be an entrepreneur". I mean I heard that and was like woah... and then i was like, what does "Lean into it mean"? I was listening to a Podacst [also on Girl Boss] yesterday with Christene Barberich [the founder CEO of Refinery 29] and she said sometimes you just have to take leaps and kick and scream the entire way. I'm thinking that's what she means by lean into it? Making large and what could be life changing decisions is scary as fuck. I'm right in the middle of those big scary decisions  and I'm just praying I continue to make the right ones. If you're reading this and are going through the same thing, I feel ya bro. Cheers [take a sip of her wine]. Anyway just some Tuesday thoughts. x -C