// Location: Soho House, NY

I met Rosa just about this time last year. She was writing for WTF Magazine and I was about to do my first interview. We met at the Mangolia Bakery right near my work [when I worked full-time]. She walked in all New York chic, I was exhausted and most likely looked it. Ever since then we've kept in touch, checking in every once and a while. Last week I randomly bumped into her while leaving a meeting [a rare New York occurrence]. Serendipitous. We ended up stopping for tea and cupcakes. It was a conversation I really needed that day. Funny how life plops people in front of you right when you need them. Rosa and her husband are leaving me and New York for warmer climate. I don't blame them. So we caught up yesterday over cocktails at one of my favourite places in the city.  

On my way home I couldn't help but think about life, how I got here, the people I've meet, how my one year plan of living here has now turned into almost three. When life gives you a chance for adventure you must take it. The people I've met along the way have either pushed me to the next step, made me laugh, or taught me something. It's a crazy thing this quest to follow your dream. The one thing I've learned is to not get attached to any of it. Life moves and happens in strange ways. Rosa wasn't the first to tell me that I'll most likely end up somewhere I least expected. That advice has yet to prove me wrong. Happy Thursday peeps. x -C