// Location: And&And 

I told you Friday I would have my camera on me for Sunday afternoon's event. Yaa I didn't bring it. So bare with me on these very few iPhone photos. Aside from my poor coverage, the event was amazing! I had the pleasure of meeting some really incredible people. The ladies of MP Shift were awesome, the event was perfect. Every baker teamed up with an influencer and put together a dish. Steven Alan was one of the makers - I introduced myself to him shaking and probably blabbed on about whole lot of nothing. I really got to get over my nerves! It's so embarrassing. I fell in love with the Caroline, the owner of Calliope the store beside And&And. Her and her husband own the entire building #Couple/lifegoals where he runs his creative agency upstairs. They also live in the building. I totally didn't stock them when I got home and read a T Magazine article on their life. Sunday was a good reminder of how amazing New York is when you put a bunch of awesome people in one place. 

Ok, getting another coffee. Happy Monday x -C