I like to make New Years resolutions. I also like to write a list of goals/to-do's before I leave the office Friday night and then update those goals on Monday morning. Sometimes the to-do's are simple like get eggs and milk, most of time my casual goals are "meeting with Alice Temperely and the Olsen Twins". I write goals for many different reasons but one of them is to keep me in fairytale land - real life can be a harsh place sometimes. I've come across too many people who become content and lose sight of their goals. Eventually time passes and without actively pushing towards those goals time will turn goals and dreams. 

New Year resolutions are fun, but they are created in the dead of winter and you're most likely getting over all the bullshit from the year before. I like to rewrite my new year resolutions once the snow starts to melt, and the sun feels stronger on my skin. That's the true beginning for me. The flowers start to bloom, restaurants set up their tables outside, stylish New Yorkers refresh their wardrobes, everyone is smiling. As the weather starts to feel like summer I know it's time for me to put my new year resolutions to work. I'm very excited to say that yesterday I officially sent my first payment to India for Candice Kaye Design embroidery. The designs look sickkkk. I'm excited for this summer. It's going to be a different one, but sometimes different is needed in order to move forward. Com'on spring, let me see you. I'm ready. x -C