// Life Update:

You know that scene from the Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy is stuck in that tornado with her house spinning and she sees the wicked witch flying out of her broken window? Well that's what my life feels like at the moment. Minus the wicked witch #thankgoodness cause that's just scary. A lot of change is happening and while I'm still trying to find my balance, I've thrown myself into my work to keep my mind straight. Yesterday I had a meeting with someone who I've followed for a while on instagram. His name is Antony Rush, he's still in school and has the potential to just like dominate. So naturally I wanted inside he's creative brain. We will be collaborating on a couple really exciting things for the launch of Collection N Fifteen. Antony's non-sleep schedule due to portfolio finals definitely brought me back to life. He blew my mind with some of his ideas. And those ideas are going to take a lot of time to create and perfect. The artwork above is getting turned into embroidery :) I'm pretty stoked to see it. Let's hope after all of this madness I land on that other side of the rainbow crushing witches. A pair of sparkly red ruby slippers would be a nice addition. 

Alright, that's the only update I got for you. That and new horoscopes :) Happy Wednesday guys x -C