// Coffee talk 

[takes a sip of her coffee] Yesterday's 7:15 am networking meeting & all of these #girlboss podcasts I've been listening to got me thinking about my work, my purpose, who I am as an artist, and who I want to become as I continue to grow. I feel it's important to constantly keep connected and check-in to why you started in the first place. During yesterday's meeting as I was listening to everyone's 90 second pitch, I jotted down major points I wanted to touch on just to make sure I didn't ramble on and go totally off course. Who is Candice Kaye Design? What are the major points I want these lawyers, insurance bankers, mortgage brokers to know. How can I communicate what I do to make them understand me. Who knows they might know people who are looking for someone just like me. It was a very interesting exercise that I have never had to do before. All of my clients have been through word of mouth. Whenever I've walked into a meeting the chances were high that they've been to Maman or have looked through my website. 

I've always loved fashion. Photographing fashion week, and street style started because I loved to take photos of how the clothes moved. I also love interior design. There is nothing I love more than walking into a space that is well decorated or brilliantly thought out. It's Candice Kaye Design's goal to bridge these two worlds together. For instance, when you see a Chanel bag you know it's a Chanel bag. People will spend the $5,000 - $6,000 for that Chanel bag. I want to bring that same connection to interiors. I'm seeing a societal change in the way people see and notice design, which makes me excited. #FromWhereIStand is a social hashtag which holds over 2 million photos. 2 million. 80% of those photos are of feet standing on some pretty flooring. Christene Barberich is the global editor and chief of Refinery 29. Her istagram is filled with design. People like to take photos in front of a pretty wallpaper to make their social look pretty. Wallpaper is getting noticed. Good design is getting noticed. 

As I continue to grow I want to make sure that I continue to nourish these needs. I want Candice Kaye Design to be that design that makes your space feel prettier, I want to be the design that your customers want to take a photo in front of. It's a very exciting time for design, and I'm very happy to be apart of it. 

I have some new projects in the talks. March has been a month of growth so far and we are only on day 4. Anyway just my Friday coffee talk rant. 

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xx -C