Good morning :) How was your weekend? Mine was filled with friends, and meetings, and studio mornings. I've gotten back on my video game again. I've been looking at old video footage while at the same time making new video footage which I plan on piecing all together to launch Collection N Fifteen [which is finally starting to look like a collection]. Collection N Fifteen and I are going through some pretty incredible life experiences together, which is why I've decided to start filming again. "You're the director of your own life" is sort of the premise behind it all... so far.

In other news Nicole Sciamarelli, a good friend of Dan's from home, made my entire afternoon yesterday. She is naturally hilarious, in like every way possible. I met Nicole about two years ago now and I remember the moment she told me she was going to do radio. My immediate response was YES that is exactly where you should be. Anyway I found out yesterday she started writing again. THIS is how I remember blogging when I first started six years ago. Nicole thank you for 1. being hilarious, and 2. for just being you. Daily Dose Of Nikki