// Location: Pearson Airport 

I know better than to book with American Airlines. It's a guarantee delay. Today is racking up to about two hours. Two hours. At the moment I'm sitting at gate A7 at Pearson Airport, I have a reservation on two flights - the goal is to get on the earlier one. However I had to check luggage [brought home winter clothes] and my two flights fly into two different airports. So I need to make sure I get on the flight that matches my luggage. I'm slightly hungover from last night so a drink at the bar doesn't sound as lovely as it usually would. SO I'm sitting at the gate with my new friends. New friends because we have nothing better to do than talk about how annoying American Airlines is. 

A dad and his son have been here since 6:30 am, and the poor guys look like it. Another guy is definitely drunk. His button up shirt is falling over his left shoulder and is yelling with a slur. I'm also definitely sitting beside a group a dancers. I can spot a dancer from a mile away. There's another dude who walks around with a top hat and belongs in a cartoon. It seems like life is what happens when your American Airlines flight is delayed I guess right? There's always a silver lining. Alright I'm being anti-social behind my computer, my new friends are waiting. See you soon New York. x -C