// Studio Flow 

Collection N Fifteen, the new website, the new company, the new projects, the new life change, the new blond I put in my hair - has put me on a strict schedule. My bedtime is anytime before 10 pm, and I've become - do I even say it - a morning person? And I don't mean the morning person that starts singing right when she wakes up, silence until coffee. I decided I wanted to do big things with my life a long time ago. Candice Kaye Design will be one years old tomorrow.  I feel like I've come as far as I can on my own until this point. I've been investing in new products and new ideas. May is going to be a month of work work work which is why it's a blessing Drake and Beyonce both dropped a new album [repeat all day]. I apologize if these posts aren't everyday, I'll be updating. What's to come is going to be SO GOOD. Can't wait to show you everything. 

Meantime, it's Wednesday. Click your horoscope yo.