// CKD

Before the wallpaper collections, the projects, the New York Living - I would sit in my room surrounded by sketch books, and those big design coffee table books. I would sketch chairs - I know odd - [which are in the works as I type] and dream about living in Paris for.hours. Textile design wasn't a dream of mine until much later, but once I first learned about it it was love at first sight. I'm a trained dancer - turned NBA dancer - turned photographer/videographer - turned interior designer - turned textile designer. The journey to get here at times was a frustrating one, until lately. Lately I've watched the dots connect from all of my experiences like clips from a movie. And the movie is starting to get interesting. CKD is nowhere near where I see this company going. My goals are rather grand, and the dreams keep getting bigger. That feeling of not being where I want to be used to really frustrate me [insert panic attacks]. I'm right in the middle of watching some of the things I've been talking about for years come true. That in itself is reassurance that anything is possible. For the first time in my life, I wish life just slowed down for a second for me to take this all in. Unfortunately time doesn't slow down, and I have a deadline for tomorrow. Happy Wednesday x -C