// 28.


I'm sitting in my studio, looking at Collection N Fifteen on the walls, there's country music playing in the background, and I'm on my second coffee. Twenty Eight. New Yorkers would consider me young, my family considers me old with thirty around the corner, and my grandmother prays for me to find a husband and have babies. Me, I'm busy ripping pages out of travel magazines of Cannes and St. Tropez for my vision board which are also accompanied by pictures of dream clients like the Google offices and Soho Houses, people I would like to work with like Kanye and Karl Lagerfeld and Alice Temperely and Sophia Amoruso and the Olsen Twins, an unknown chic woman casually walking in front of an airplane - a photo I plan to recreate one day.

Life at twenty seven taught me the power of positive thinking when stepping onto unknown territory. It's comfortable going to bed at night when you know what you're going to wake up to the next morning. I decided somewhere between huge dreams and working hard that comfortable was not my cup of tea - that's a feeling I've learned to embrace and fully lean into. So I'm ready twenty eight. Let's hope it's a good one.