// 10:33 pm

// Location: Planta

Hi. Just took off my makeup and crawled into bed. For some reason I can't find my reading glasses, the words I'm typing at the moment look a little blurry - so bare with me. It was Planta's opening party tonight. I told my sister and brother in law to leave baby O at home and come with me. Thank you Baba. Planta's print was finalized while sitting on an airplane flying from Paris to Florence. I remember the coffee I was drinking [which I dropped all over my white shirt], the water I asked for after, and the movie I put on for background noise, Pan. Naturally. Standing in that beautiful restaurant surrounded by CKD wallpaper was a pretty incredible feeling. Watching other people enjoy the print was a whole other incredible. One of those moments when life felt like a dream. A dream that didn't require me to be sleeping to be apart of - I mean, that's whole other level of incredible I've never experienced before. K, now to go to sleep to dream bigger. Night. x -C