// Location: Studio 

Last Thursday morning you would have found me sitting on the floor of a my supplier's office. I was printing samples for a segment that might air on television. I am my PR team, my sales team, my marketing team, my design team. Thank god for my family and our Sunday morning coffee meetings or else there would be no team or CKD. While sitting cross legged on the concrete floor with my computer on my lap, I thought "What the hell have you gotten yourself into". These past three weeks have tipped my sailboat over - the sailboat that I was sailing gracefully on for the past few months. My boat was tipped over with no life jacket, and my only option was to surrender and float, or sink. My boat has tipped over before - many times, sometimes in deeper waters - yet this time I freaked out, and tried to latch onto everything or anything I could get my hands on to catch my breath. I know better - that's not the way to float. Floating requires you to be still. I was emotional, then scared, then sad, then happy, then scared, then happy. The many feelings associated with taking risks into the world of the unknown. There's a lot of fear associated with this world. Until I started to listen. I usually drive through my fear as if it's not a real feeling. It is a real feeling, and the moment I started to listen to my fear and understand my thought patterns was the moment my boat started to come closer until I was able to climb back on it. I've learned without fear there's no growth. Fear has become my confirmation that I'm on the right path. Because if something doesn't scare the shit out of me I know I'm not dreaming big enough. This adventure keeps on getting more and more interesting. But wouldn't have it any other way.