// Pillow talk

I should be packing. Instead I'm laying on my bed listening to Majid Jordan. I just put down my new read Ego Is The Enemy because I turned to page 86 and came across my favourite quote by Ira Glass and then took a picture of it, and then opened my computer, and now I'm here. That taste/talent gap is f'ing real people. I've been stuck in that gap for almost four years now. The gap is the most frustrating place to be as an artist. It's an internal fight that I constantly have with myself that gets exhausting, lonely at times, and frustrating. I feel like I'm Rihanna circa Pon De Replay before Rihanna becomes Ri Ri. Whenever I lose the fight with myself I remind myself the only way to get out of this gap is to work harder. And when I say harder, I mean longer. Like longer hours. Lots of hours. Usually after the 25th hour something comes out half decent.

Then I read the next paragraph down, and Ryan Holiday [the author] said this - "... Or we can face our shortcomings honestly and put the time in. We can let this humble us, see clearly we are talented and where we need to improve, and then put in the work to bridge the gap. And we can set upon positive habits that will last a lifetime". And then I was like, yas. Ok closing computer. x -C