// Location: CKD studio

This very day last year took place in New York City. I most likely just stopped into Blue and Gold for coffee, said good morning to my friends behind the counter, and began my walk to my office. I worked at Holland & Sherry in the custom rug department. CKD was a company that existed once I got home from an eight hour day. I woke up this morning threw on a sweater, put three cups of coffee into my french press, and walked right into the CKD studio. Crazy how much life can change in just a year. It was the beginning of May when I put together this studio. I was exhausted, very emotional, and exhausted. My days ended at 9:30 pm, and started at 7:30 am. Antony Rush and I revamped the website, I finished Collection N Fifteen, threw myself into projects and somewhere between all of that found my two feet again. So then I booked myself a plane ticket to London with no plans on coming home for 30 days [insert painted nails emoji]. But really, the thought of letting go of whatever it was I had last year felt as if it would kill me, literally. Once I saw this life change has a beginning rather than an ending, that's when I started to see possibilities in every corner of my life. Moving past my fears was well worth it, and surprisingly [or not so] I feel stronger. Summer sixteen, you've treated me well. x-C