// 35MM


I woke up this morning smiling. Even when my alarm went off at 7 am ending my wonderful dream. I was standing in front of my dream property on Leslie Street holding a bright red "sold" sign. I love Monday mornings. Most of the time. It's a new week, fresh start, anything is possible, and I have a new horoscope to read. Today mine wasn't the bestest. I decide on a weekly basis whether or not I believe in them. Today I don't. Anyway, this weekend I shot with photographer Ilich Mejia and makeup artist Franceline Kingu. We shot only with film which means I have no idea what these photos will look like until they are developed. When shooting with film Ilich had to be careful with every shot. There were about 25-30 shots per roll. Every photo counted. There's something really special about working with film. I loved watching the process. I also loved watching Ilich's face light up when he changed cameras explaining all the different moving parts. It reminded me of the first time I walked into a weaving room. There's just something to be said about working with your hands. Feeling fabric with the sound of sewing machines around me magically creating beautiful ckd embroidery is a moment I look forward to. I'll have the photos up here when they are done! There's a random photo of Miss, Alex, and Landon's arm in here while drinking coffee at Baddies, because we did that. And I love them. K, happy Monday guys. x -C