// NYC


If I could paint the perfect christmas New York weekend, it would look something like this. We woke up Saturday morning to a perfect snowfall. It was really pretty at first - but then it just became a never ending snowfall that lasted until after dinner. After years of living in New York I finally got us a reservation at Rolf's. I called in October, and could only get a 12:00 pm lunch reso. For the better though, the food was not the best. We saw friends and their new babies, Elisa's one and only Christmas tree, I fell deeper in love with Daniel Arsham - the work he did at Kith is incredible. And I've decided to put rugs on the walls as wallpaper. I'm not feeling the best as I write this, seems the flu has made its way to the ckd studio. Maybe it's a sign that it's time to just relax and watch Christmas movies. Holidays are here! x -C