Contact sheets from Ilich. The process of shooting with film is so romantic. The sequence of photos form a story you wouldn't get shooting digital. Such a talented man he is. 

Anyone else feel like it's been a weird week? Monday felt like Friday, and Tuesday felt never ending. By the time it got to Wednesday I was ready to shut my computer and pour myself a cocktail. I didn't because it was 10 am. I traded the alcohol for refilled coffee. I've been listening to loads of podcasts this week, on life, the meaning the life, the meaning of true success, you know all those philosophical questions you get asked late night at a bar that you're in no mood to answer. Lately I've been very fortunate to be apart of some incredible opportunities that will allow for my creativity and company to grow in ways that the textile industry hasn't explored yet. I don't know what CKD will turn into in 10 years, but I do know I constantly want to push boundaries with textile design. Paving new roads for the younger generations. Maybe making their roads less scary than mine. Or just paving new roads for the younger generations to keep pushing boundaries far beyond what I could do. I think that's the meaning of true success, or a successful life - fulfilling your divine purpose while understanding that it's not about you, but rather something bigger than yourself, or myself. While all at the same time falling in love and having children. With all of my friends around me married, in love, babies, or babies on the way, I've come to the conclusion that it might take me slightly longer to find my person, but that's OK. I have faith that it's possible to have it all. Prince charming and my villa in Tuscany. Prince charming and I in our villa in Tuscany. That sounds better. Alright, back to work. x -C