// Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud 

I hate arriving in a new city late at night. You see nothing and after a six hour flight from Melbourne we were left with two options; the first to order room service and go to bed, the second to get dressed and find a restaurant in town. Since Bali was a short stay Ashley and I decided we should find a restaurant. We hopped in Putu's taxi happy to feel the strong tropical heat cover our bodies, well at least I was. That's when he told us we arrived just in time for Bali's day of silence. Which started the night we arrived and would end the following day at 6 am. Room service it was. The entire island shuts down for day of silence. We were unable to leave our hotel or keep the lights on after 6 pm. I've never experienced anything like it. The rest of the adventure was not so silent. I fell so in love with this place. The people, the vibes, the beaches, the food, the sacred monkeys, the surfers. We spent a full day at Finns on a day bed overlooking the ocean. I spent the majority of that day accidentally burning my skin and watching the surfers. I can see myself coming back here for months at a time. It's just a happy place to be. I'm currently sitting in the Hong Kong airport as I write this. I'm finishing up an eleven hour layover. Surprised I survived it actually. In 16 hours I'll be back in the studio gearing up for the Microsoft x Gelaskins launch, wallpaper going up in Lower East Side, and Collection N Twenty Five has already started coming to life in my head. Excited to get working. See you in the studio. x -C