// Here tomorrow 

My mom told me to give it a year. She said if things don't change in a year pick up and go back. A year felt like eternity. I was sitting on the couch, my hands stained from painting Collection N Fifteen, and my eyes full of tears. It will be a year tomorrow. Growing pains are true to their words - painful. Painful, humbling, heart breaking, and glorious. I've hopped on a off planes, saw what across the world looks like, met new people, fell in love with life again, and watched myself walk into the woman I've been put on this earth to become. The only thing I'm chasing is my development. The only thing that can knock me over are my own two feet. And the only direction I'm looking is forward. This collection is so much more than just a couple roses and green leaves. Every petal came from a lesson that lead to personal growth. The grounds have been left white because finally I can see clear again. And I do feel new. Oddly. I feel like I've been pulled back together again with slightly different engineering. Collection N Twenty Five is all about this new true love. x -C