I was sitting at a table with John Varvatos’s team at the Soho House meatpacking in New York. Dinner wasn’t served yet and all I could think about was my pillow. I had just started the textile program at FIT - my morning class started at 8 am. Sitting beside me was his lawyer. The same man who's clients ranged from Madonna to the Rolling Stones. I remember I was rambling on about my dreams in the textile industry with absolutely nothing to show for them, when without saying anything he pulled out his phone to show me a quote. “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” He then said before you go to sleep dream bigger. Each night dream bigger than the night before. Place yourself into a life that seems unimaginable, one day that life will come true. To this day, that remains to be my favourite memory of New York. Life can get ugly and hard and scary. Living in my head with my larger than life dreams has been the only thing that kept me moving forward through the growing pains of reality. Set your goals high and the leaps you take won’t seem scary just necessary.

CKD has had the pleasure of working with the coolest clients. Together pushing boundaries in the industry, coming up with artwork that thinks outside the box. My dreaming has paid off, thank you Lawyer Man. I’m not sure what CKD will look like as a two year old. The dream however is to keep moving forward, learning, evolving, meeting new people, creating better innovative work, keeping myself open to different opportunities that will allow for growth. Anything is possible, I know that for sure now [blows out her candle].