I woke up around 7:00-7:15 am every morning for the past two weeks. Some mornings I would buy myself a coffee and go for a hike. It was so simple, but a beautiful way to start my day. The month of April felt strange. I thought maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was me stepping out of my comfort zone again, maybe it was being away from the studio when I felt like I should be there sketching or doing something more "productive" than a hike. I'm very particular about who I keep around me because I like to speak about what's going on in my life - both mentally and professionally. Through these conversations I am my most vulnerable self - I think that is the only way to grow. We spoke a lot about success, happiness, and life over delicious dinners and drinks. True success has evolved into many different things throughout my life. When I was 20 it was to own my own company, when I was 24 it was to live on my own in New York running my own company, now success is about loving the person that I am in this moment and being happy with her. April felt weird because it was my month of learning. What I thought was - wasn't, and who I thought I was needed some growth in order for me to move forward. Turns out a hike can be much more productive than my head down sketching.

I made some great connections while in LA. Let's see where that takes CKD and I. Living is a gift. And I know from personal experience how short life can be. I'm going to keep on smiling through it. It's a beautiful place once you stop fighting with it.