// 30

my 20's: i travelled, i was broke, i moved to nyc, i spent hours in bookstores, fell in love with blogs and street style photography, danced on a NBA court, wore some very questionable outfits, learned how to paint, met so many interesting people, fell in love many times - fell out of love many times, worked hard, trusted my gut, trusted people I shouldn't have, expected too much of people when I shouldn't have, got my heart broken, learned how to carry four cups of coffee on one hand - two on the other, started my own company, sat in the photographers pit for three seasons of new york fashion week not knowing how to properly shoot runway, I took risks, hit rock bottom, learned that a thankful heart is all you need, had a lot of fun. I feel like my twenties were about figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be as a person and as a business women. I'm really excited for my thirties. Day one of so many more lessons and adventures.