// Lately 

I had a friend tell me once that your capacity will expand and you'll watch yourself grow in ways that you didn't think were possible. This month has been the busiest month ever for Candice Kaye Design, I feel like my body has been in a state of shock for the majority of August. Because of this I challenged myself to take up boxing at BOLO regularly, meditate often and get better at recognizing my needs as a person running a company alone. I've learned that success meets no resistance. Letting go is so much more powerful than holding on. The more I tried to control the outcome through fear the weaker I felt. The moment I surrendered I realized that I was opening up room for greater possibilites to enter my life. I know this because I ended up receiving some incredible opportunities that were already at work on my behalf behind the scenes. There is magic in this. In the end my capacity did grow but it meant letting go of everything I was holding on to. 

Sofia in Yorkville has a freshly hand painted flower wall going all the way down three flights of stairs leading to the bathrooms. Sel Rrose is CKD's first customer of bespoke outdoor patio umbrellas, and CKD's newest bespoke project for Studio Munge and GZ International is well underway. Lots happening, and lots more that I can't talk about right now. x -C