I’m doing it! CKD officially has her own youtube channel. There is SO much going for CKD right now that I thought it would be fun to take you along with me behind the scenes. Subscribe because there is more coming! Next stop Montauk New York for the new Sel Rrose.


// Planta opening/Faryl PilatesSaturday Social

Life lately has been nuts. So nuts that I completely crashed last week and slept for the majority of my days. No motivation no desire to do anything no creativity. It was nice to turn off for more than a day or two and allow myself to rest. I’m feeling back to normal and ready to start moving again. Planta Queen opens next week! Here is mural one of three that I did for them! Faryl’s bespoke print goes up next week. And I should have some more video and photos from The Saturday Social I spoke at at the beginning of this month! ALSO I may be exploring the world of YouTube… like… as a vlogger. I feel like it’s time we get a little closer. I’m really awkward in front of the camera, but there is really cool stuff going on for CKD that I feel needs to be talked about and captured! Stay tuned and subscribe to my channel now! x C


// International women’s day

What a weekend! Friday night I spent my night with these wonderful women at Colette Cafe in Holt Renfrew Yorkdale location. We spoke about fears, intention and values within a business, our best advice ever and some of our goals for 2019. I learned so much from these women. It’s so easy to get caught up in my own little CKD life I forgot how important it is to get out and meet people. Thank you for having me Colette!



Before I realized textile design was my future I would buy stacks of interior design magazines rip out the pages and create mood boards of my dream home. I would do the same with fashion magazines. The lifestyle shots were and still are my favourite part. I would imagine myself as one of the models creating stories of my future - where I would live, what I would look like, my wardrobe, my husband, what my kids and I would do on the weekends. Fashion photography tells a story through the clothes and in return brings the clothes to life.

I always felt story telling was missing in Interior Design advertising. My goal with Candice Kaye Design is to change this narrative.

First I wanted to change your perspective when it came to wallpaper. It’s something that has been around forever, but by adding a bespoke element to the walls the walls now had their own personality. They speak their own language and deliver a very specific message. This I have achieved. Now it’s taking this concept a step further. I want to shoot textile with a different perspective. I have mixed my love for high fashion lifestyle with my love with interior design telling a story through the textile. I can’t wait to show you what Charles has captured from this weekend. His style is exactly what I needed to achieve this look. He has a brilliant way of showing movement within his photographs.

In the meantime here is a behind the scenes from the weekend. x C