My mission for Candice Kaye Design has always been to bring interiors to life by pushing the boundaries within the textile industry. Starting with wallpaper, I work with hotels, cafes, restaurants, and residential spaces creating custom wallpaper designed with my clients vision at the forefront. Everything CKD produces is hand painted and designed with no boundaries. I am not afraid to play with scale and colour, giving the CKD client something no one has seen before. The ability to create something no one has seen before is a powerful force that I believe transforms a space its own sense of self. 

Candice Kaye Design also produces wallpaper collections. Each collection is introduced by its inspiration which are drawn from personal travels to life lessons. 

What drives me as a designer is the need to keep innovating within the textile industry. It excites me to know that possibilities are endless. Candice Kaye Design has been working quietly on projects coming into fruition as we move into 2018. We are in the process of creating bespoke rugs and 3D wallpaper. 

Welcome to Candice Kaye Design. For our catalogue, click here

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Photo: Ilich Mejia