[Continued from JounralWhat I Know For Sure is my subway read. Oprah has put together different stories, experiences, memories and turned them into lessons towards what she knows for sure about life. It's pretty fascinating. Some of her lessons I catch myself smiling at, but most of them I've written down or folded the page to.

One of things she knows for sure has stuck with me since I finished the chapter. My year and a half here has been the hardest year and a half of my life [work wise]. It has tested my courage, work ethic, morals, and my faith. From working 7 days a week - 14 hour days, to having the guts to leave a job that paid for another unpaid internship, to literally having $100 to live off of. Let me tell ya, canned soup has become my new best friend. Is chasing your dream really this hard? 

The answer my friends, is yes.

Oprah says, "...having the courage to stand up and pursue your wildest dreams will give you life's richest rewards and life's greatest adventure." Dark times of uncertainty are there to push you in the right direction. The thing is, not everyone is willing to let go and be pushed.

She also said to be greatful to have a mountain to climb. I oftentimes forget this. I can't even tell you the number of times I've woken up and thought, "what the hell am I doing here". But Oprah is right, I am so grateful to even have those mornings of extreme self doubt. It's a blessing to have a mountain in front of me [even though I just want to punch it]. 

I love books like this. Anyways, just thought I would share! x -C