While I was waiting in line for my media pass I strategically made friends with the photographers around me; Mission: learn anything you can about Runway Photography. First thing I learned: when the door opens run as fast as you can to get a spot in the pit. Small cameras in front, larger cameras on the risers. 

There I was dead centre at the BCBG Runway Show. Before I could make myself comfortable, well try with the little space I had, a man who looked identical to Steven Tyler looked right at me and said“You, who are you”. I kept my head down in hopes he wasn't talking to me. I was wrong, “black hat, I’m talkin’ to you” he said, "you need to move over". Yikes. My introduction to Richard. Richard is the man who tells the photographers where to sit. Everyone listens to Richard. I learned that fast. 

So there I was, sitting front row. Nervously I did what I do best, made friends. Oh man what friends I have made that week. I wonder if Richard is still working the photographer pit. 

The bright lights, the fashion, the incredible sound of camera clicks when the show starts. For those 15 minutes it's lights out with Fashion the only thing on my mind. Ugh, what a glorious experience.