BOLO (new location including a full cafe, blowout bar, boxing ring, hot rooms, and personal training) Friday, Juice Bar Saturday, Huge Agency install tomorrow. It's been a busy couple weeks. There is nothing better than watching it all come together. Both of these projects were almost a year in the making. Can't wait to see them both completed! x 


Over the past two years I've had the opportunity to travel loads and meet the most wonderful people. I've learned a lot and grew up because of it. Collection N 55 is my most diverse collection yet, taking inspiration from conversations in Sydney, to date nights in Rome. Here's a little sneak into the inspiraiton. x

// 30

my 20's: i travelled, i was broke, i moved to nyc, i spent hours in bookstores, fell in love with blogs and street style photography, danced on a NBA court, wore some very questionable outfits, learned how to paint, met so many interesting people, fell in love many times - fell out of love many times, worked hard, trusted my gut, trusted people I shouldn't have, expected too much of people when I shouldn't have, got my heart broken, learned how to carry four cups of coffee on one hand - two on the other, started my own company, sat in the photographers pit for three seasons of new york fashion week not knowing how to properly shoot runway, I took risks, hit rock bottom, learned that a thankful heart is all you need, had a lot of fun. I feel like my twenties were about figuring out who I was and who I wanted to be as a person and as a business women. I'm really excited for my thirties. Day one of so many more lessons and adventures. 


// new york 

I landed in New York to a message from my client asking if we could meet for a potential new opening just outside of the city - that is to open in two weeks. I told her I literally just landed in New York - what are the odds. That can pretty much sum up rest of the week. Serendipitous run-ins, dinners with new friends and hot a sweaty afternoon at the new Dumbo House, which is beautiful by the way. Back in the studio now working a couple new projects coming up! K, back to work x 


CKD takes on HUGE boardrooms! We've approved sample yesterday and ready for production. The design is something I've never done before. I can't wait to show you ittttttt.

ALSO Bolo will open its door to the new location in the next couple weeks. If you enjoy grabbing a coffee at a cafe, working out, then getting a blow-out on your way out then you're going to love this new location. Caleigh is going all out. 



BOLO's full production has arrived to the studio. We did three custom prints with them. Above is BOLO's print three. Inspired by old boxing posters we cleaned up the look and made them look chic. Very excited for Caleigh and her team to get this new location up and running. It's going to be sick. Below is full production of Collection N 44's silver rustic with white butterfly ready to go up in a powder room!