// Sel Rrose takes over Montauk

A 2.5 hours and you’re out of the city and in beautiful Montauk. Sel Rrose is opening their second location and it’s going to be beautiful. We took the bespoke Sel Rrose print and turned it into six beautiful patio umbrellas. I can’t wait to see them in action.

The rest of the weekend was spent eating some of Montauk’s best seafood. x C


// Nike Sport Pack x Candice Kaye Design

So last week I did this really cool shoot with Nike. And it’s LIVE. And it’s amazing. Nike approached me with their new sport pack launch. They changed the logo and wanted me to put whatever CKD’s mark was inside of it. Obviously I chose the Rose. It represents the story of me moving to New York City with no art training, teaching myself the trade and doing whatever it took to understand the industry. The rose was my ‘if I can master this, I can master the industry’. I’m still working on mastering the industry part though :) Watch the full video on Nike’s IGTV! Or here on my IG. So cool, thank you Nike Toronto for having me. Here’s a little behind the scenes from our shoot day. Eight hours straight of drawing and hand painting - but would do it all over again.


// Lately

August felt like a month of reset. Even though it was busy with work and installations I felt like I was constantly taking a step back looking at the life that I’ve built and questioning it. I tend to do this every once and a while to make sure I’m happy with the track that I’m on. Something felt off, but the answer was foggy. I couldn’t read what it was. I couldn’t read my body. I felt so disconnected from myself. The result were tears and frustration. Thank god for my friends and their advice. The problem was I wasn’t moving forward. I’m a hard worker. I know that. I’m also extremely disciplined. This I know too. I understand persistence and never giving up. I’ve had to learn how to do both. But if you’re not careful hard work, persistence, discipline are not enough. You need to be proactive. That was my problem. I was playing it safe. I wasn’t stepping out as much as I should have. I found myself dreaming too often about the life I wanted rather than going out and making those dreams tangible. It was a huge wake up call for me. It was so easy for me to fall into the natural groove of my business. Comfortable really. The enemy will fool your mind to think external issues are the problem. But really the shift had to happen within me. I know this. I’ve always known this. Which is why it’s even scarier to think I forgot. So I poured myself a coffee (or two) and started to email every single interior design firm I have wanted to work with. The list is long. Some got back to me, most didn’t. But now I have new meetings with new people, and I get to walk into their space and introduce myself - step out of my comfort zone. I never really understood when they say you’re in charge of your own fate. I always believed if things are meant to happen they will happen as long as you work hard enough. That mentality can only get you so far. There will be a moment in your life when you need to push harder - or take larger steps to show God just how bad you want something. My perspective changed immediately.

Loads of new stuff coming in the next couple months for CKD. I’m coming in stronger.


// Lately 

I spent my long weekend in Arizona with six other lovely ladies for a Bachelorette. We had the best time. Pool parties, country bars, spa day. Perfect break to return to a full 14 hour shoot day with Nike (which will be live next week). I can't really talk much about it, but I'll tell you the concept is smart. Suite22 mural is up! It's very different than anything I've ever done. I'm happy with the way it turned out. K, back to work. x -C


// Lately 

I had a friend tell me once that your capacity will expand and you'll watch yourself grow in ways that you didn't think were possible. This month has been the busiest month ever for Candice Kaye Design, I feel like my body has been in a state of shock for the majority of August. Because of this I challenged myself to take up boxing at BOLO regularly, meditate often and get better at recognizing my needs as a person running a company alone. I've learned that success meets no resistance. Letting go is so much more powerful than holding on. The more I tried to control the outcome through fear the weaker I felt. The moment I surrendered I realized that I was opening up room for greater possibilites to enter my life. I know this because I ended up receiving some incredible opportunities that were already at work on my behalf behind the scenes. There is magic in this. In the end my capacity did grow but it meant letting go of everything I was holding on to. 

Sofia in Yorkville has a freshly hand painted flower wall going all the way down three flights of stairs leading to the bathrooms. Sel Rrose is CKD's first customer of bespoke outdoor patio umbrellas, and CKD's newest bespoke project for Studio Munge and GZ International is well underway. Lots happening, and lots more that I can't talk about right now. x -C



It's been a busy couple weeks! CKD has been head down lately in projects. Here are three that have arrived from my suppliers. Firstly the bespoke entry rug. I am very happy with the way it turned out. The number one 'must' for this rug was durability. The weave we used is an old Pakistani weave that usually only makes very traditional simple looking designs. Their durability is insane. We pushed the envelope with our weavers and made this! The design was created based on the weave. I can't wait to see this installed. Below are two full production projects going up in powder rooms. The willow tree design is now avaiable in collections!