// Custom rug design for designer Kate Thornley-Hall

Over a year in the making and the butterfly and peacock rugs have finally made their way to Sarah's home. From a hand-painted watercolour design, these rugs looks almost identical. 


// Answer the call 

I was listening to Oprah's conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert in the studio yesterday. Near the end of the podcast they talk about "life's calling". Gilbert says, first comes the call to the quest which is in the form of the question "What have I come here to do with my life". We can either choose to ignore it, or pursue it. The pursuit is the beginning of the journey. Once you begin the journey you enter the road of trials. Here you can expect to be challenged, hurt, feel lost, in despair, double guessing yourself, meet friends who aren't really your friends, go through obstacles. Every single one of these challenges and temptations will help you gain your talents to shed your fears for the ultimate battle.

CKD turns three years old today. The past three years have been quite the adventure. The places it has taken me, the people I've met, the work CKD has done, and most importantly the opportunity to keep pushing myself to produce good work. I get to make goals and dream big. I've learned the only person that will ever know my true potential is myself and convincing anyone else of my abilities is just a waste of time. I didn't grow up an artist. I started blogging at 20 years old, picked up photography, made some videos, dropped out of an interior design program, applied to a textile program at FIT, taught myself how to paint, worked two internships while waitressing on weekends. All to pack my life back up in a car cross the border and start CKD where I grew up. This was my road of trials. I second guessed myself, trusted people I shouldn't have, I was hurt, I was in despair, I was lost. But Gilbert was right, I have learned my talents to battle the ultimate challenge - my company. CKD is just scratching the surface. I feel like I'm about to enter my second road of trails and hopefully gain more talents to face my next ultimate battle. The vision for this company keeps growing and finally I feel like I can start stepping out a little further. I've been feeling the growing pains. Thank you for following along on this crazy calling life seems to have put on me. I suggest you listen to yours - it is the most beautiful journey you'll go on. 



I woke up around 7:00-7:15 am every morning for the past two weeks. Some mornings I would buy myself a coffee and go for a hike. It was so simple, but a beautiful way to start my day. The month of April felt strange. I thought maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was me stepping out of my comfort zone again, maybe it was being away from the studio when I felt like I should be there sketching or doing something more "productive" than a hike. I'm very particular about who I keep around me because I like to speak about what's going on in my life - both mentally and professionally. Through these conversations I am my most vulnerable self - I think that is the only way to grow. We spoke a lot about success, happiness, and life over delicious dinners and drinks. True success has evolved into many different things throughout my life. When I was 20 it was to own my own company, when I was 24 it was to live on my own in New York running my own company, now success is about loving the person that I am in this moment and being happy with her. April felt weird because it was my month of learning. What I thought was - wasn't, and who I thought I was needed some growth in order for me to move forward. Turns out a hike can be much more productive than my head down sketching.

I made some great connections while in LA. Let's see where that takes CKD and I. Living is a gift. And I know from personal experience how short life can be. I'm going to keep on smiling through it. It's a beautiful place once you stop fighting with it.  


// CALI 

After living in New York I didn't think it would be possible for me love another city as much. Turns out it's possible. This is the longest I've spent here and it's stealing my heart day by day. This laid back feel, the sunshine, the palm trees, and I may have been doing a little shopping. I find myself waking up wide awake - there is something in the air here that puts me in a deep sleep. Or maybe it is the ocean mixed with the hustle of dreamers making huge things happen. Cali, CKD is coming for you! 



Anyone else hit with the flu? It put me on my back during one of the busiest weeks ever. We've launched the flip table, made a video, three rugs are currently in production, the juice bar's wallpaper is soon to be in production and installed, and I'm off to LA tomorrow for a little while. Oh, and Ballroom Bowl's print is well underway. I'll show you that soon! Time to pack. x -C



The story, the clients, the journey. I created Candice Kaye Design's catalogue based off those three things. Not your average catalogue, but I figured a story would be a little more interesting. Here are the pages if you would like to have a read. 



One year ago The Custom Table Company came to me with the idea of the Flip Table. One side print, the other side plain wood. They wanted to give their client the option, an option that never really has been given before. Obviously I was in. I was in not just because it was just a good idea, but because I knew I would be collaborating with talent. Sarah and her team have built a fully interactive website that allows you to customize your own table. You pick the style, the type of wood, the color, the size, the legs, and if you choose to build a flip you’ll choose between two of CKD’s designs. It’s custom at your fingertips. Today they go live! Click here to build your own table! www.thecustomtablecompany.com



The past month I've been putting together a catalog of my work for potential clients. Obviously this project turned into something way more elaborate than anticipated. Currently off at the printers, CKD has put together her first story book. The journey up to this point - through my clients. Starting with my time spent in New York City, I talk about my first client Maman Cafe, and how that one job pushed me into custom textile. Each project with its own short background story. Here are some shots from the studio, explaining the custom process of hand drawn to hand-painting. Excited to show you the finished project! x