// Location: Yonge + St. Claire 

Mary Be's one and only cabbages are up! This new space opening in just a few weeks. The space has been designed so beautifully. Can't wait to see it all done. 

// IRL

This is me carrying a huge roll of wallpaper down Yonge street this morning. This photo was taken before I tripped over my feet and fell hitting the person walking beside me who then gave me a dirty look instead of helping me back up. Life of glamour. Mary Be's Cabbages are going up tomorrow!



One of the first things I do when walking into a hotel room is check the closet for their big white comfy bathrobes. The ladies and I spent last weekend in Vegas at the Wynn. I know, not the best time to go to Vegas. Tina had a conference to attend, and we had no plans on leaving the hotel. Aside from the Wynn's magical beds and bathrobes - life in CKD land has been a little busy. Mary Be's cabbages go up next week, Collection N 33 is officially here, skateboard decks are coming, and a collaboration with the talented Rustik Design is happening. Oh, and there's something new in the works - aside from CKD and wallpaper - a brand new company. Also, Chance the Rapper has been on replay all week in the studio. K back to work, just saying hi. x -C


// Location: Toronto

3D wallpaper has been a goal of mine since I started designing wallpaper. I speak about it all the time to whomever would listen. Durning my shoot with Ilich Charles mentioned his friend Anthony does incredible work that sounds like something I would be interested in. Charles was right. Look at that beauty. All crafted by hand. We have some really cool ideas for collaborating that I can't wait to see come to life! God, life is so exciting sometimes. 

// 8:22 PM

// Location: Toronto

Spending the night on a boat made me want to get my boating license. There's nothing I love more than a night spent in cozy clothes on the water. The jet lag from London woke me up at 6 am to catch the sunrise. If Chrissy and I could figure out how to use the coffee maker it would have been the absolute perfect moment. I'll settle for perfect. I just poured myself a glass of whiskey and opened photoshop to Collection N 33. It feels good to be back in the studio. Which has mostly consisted of me laying on the floor listening to country music dreaming up new prints. So far I've learned all the words to "Small Town Boy", and have fallen in love with Dustin Lynch. Went by Yorkville Village to see Palm Lane. The newest ckd is looking just great on their walls. Palm Lane is Toronto's newest salad bar concept. K, that's all back to work. x -C