// The making of Sel Rrose Montauk

Two weeks onsite in Montauk. Hand painting this mural was definitely challenging, but by the end of the two weeks I was a Montauk local, fell in love with the town and now it has become one of my happiest places to visit. I documented as much as I could from the process. There were a lot of flights back and forth from September of last year to now. Sourcing hospitality grade fabric that met all codes to cover the two main banquettes was the most rewarding and challenging task of my career. Then it was getting the scale right. Scale for the walls is much different than scale you put on fabric. Thank god for Francine and Dane. I learned a lot, and a lot about myself throughout this project. Click here to see the finished project. Such a beautiful job. Press play to see the YouTube process.



What a cool morning! Thank you Breakfast Television and Nicole Servinis for the opportunity! My Planta fam you’re the best for allowing us to use the space and showcase my latest Toronto install. Incase you missed the feature I’ll be posting the full morning on my instagram tomorrow! x C



CKD IS IN MIAMI! Feel likes 100 degrees out here. It probably is. I’m sweating just sitting here writing to you. CKD is in Miami for the week for an install. We worked really hard on this one. This is just a sneak peek of one fo the murals! There are three :) Photos in a couple months! x C



I am going to invent luggage built for wallpaper samples. Maybe that will be my collaboration with Rimowa. Wallpaper runs my life. The amount of people I hit at Pearson airport that morning… sorry if that was you! Another wonderful weekend in NY/ Montauk. My new happy place. It was a weekend filled with unexpected run-ins with my favourite people, meetings that I used to dream about being part of, and visiting the soon to be open Sel Rrose Montauk. It looks STUNNING. Can’t wait to share photos. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very fun summer. This is just the beginning. Just thought I’d say hi, have to run. I’m trying my first Barry’s bootcamp class. Pray for me.



I’m taking a break. From life. I’m sitting in my studio looking through photos from the past month. Thought I would come on here and talk to you. Remember the days when I used to write on here everyday. Every single morning before I went to work I would write something on here. I miss those days. Things were so simple then. Although I was broke, I was living in ny with this insane drive. It is crazy to think that I used to dream about working with the clients I do now. I am thankful and still have that drive, I am just tired. Maybe I just need to take a nap. I’m rambling.

Over the next two months CKD’s newest projects will open. Sel Rrose Montauk and my newest project in Miami. It has been seven day work weeks kind of life lately. I’m just learning how to build up the stamina again. My body isn’t used to it. One of the guys that founded Pinterest said having your own business is a marathon. It never stops. The only thing that must change is your ability to keep going.

I’ve been back and forth from New York lately. Carrying wallpaper on my flight instead of my luggage. Loads of things are happening and I could not be more excited. OK, break over. x C



Yesterday the Annex Hotel and I did a fun little shoot. I got to spend the night in this beautiful room. If you click to the front page, we shot all of our CKD lifestyle shots here. I really love its look. Excited to show you what our shoot was about. We are following up with a workshop in June! I’ll be teaching how to watercolour paint! Happy Monday! x C



9:29 pm in Montauk. I’m sitting at the kitchen table with the sliding door open. The only sound outside is quiet. It’s been a while since I’ve sat and took the time to properly write on here. The past 6 months has been non-stop and when I get a moment to relax the last thing I feel like doing is open my computer. I’ve been in Montauk for almost a week now. I’m working on the new Sel Rrose opening this May. CKD is creating their custom fabric to cover the banquettes and hand painting a mural that will live in one of the many rooms of Sel Rrose Montauk. This space is going to be stunning. Nothing like this exists out here. When I lived in New York I would dream of one day working on a space in Montauk. I’m living my 27 year old self’s dream. Thankful.

There’s a lot of moving parts for CKD. It’s never ending. Having your own company is a marathon except with no finish line, just different levels. Each level requiring you to elevate yourself. It's time to elevate and I can feel it. Terrifying and both exciting. Life is a beautiful thing, and I feel very fortunate to live mine doing what I love. OK, off to bed. Good night :) x C