I always knew I wanted to make something with my hands, what that something would be was a journey to figure out. After leaving an interior design program I took off to Paris. While in Paris I wondered into a fabric manufacturing warehouse and as I touched the hand embroidered fabrics it was like my hands remembered something my mind had forgotten. It was love at first sight. I was home. My formal training in textile was at The Fashion Institute in New York City. I have a vivid memory of my first day. I walked down the halls passing classrooms filled with huge drafting tables covered in paint and large looms with student’s work draping from them. I was in New York City all alone but it did not matter. I knew this was the beginning of my adventure. Around the end of my school year I was asked to create four custom prints for a cafe called Maman. Those four custom prints became the brand of Maman - a cafe that now has seven locations within New York and Toronto. These prints sparked the idea of creating textile that was unique to the client. After Maman, I went on to create seventeen custom prints in Toronto, New York City, St. Barths, and Australia. 

While dreaming up custom prints for clients Candice Kaye Design also creates collections. The collections are introduced by a video from footage that was taken by me. Each collection is inspired by either my travels, life lessons or something as a simple as summer vibes. 

A foundation has been laid. A foundation that I am ready to build on and create beyond custom wallpaper. I am curious to explore what kind of boundaries can be pushed on other surfaces and materials. Rugs have now been added to our bespoke services. What drives me as a designer is the need to keep innovating in the textile industry. It excites me to know possibilities are endless. 

Welcome to Candice Kaye Design.

x -C

Candice Kaye, founder and creative director

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Photo: Ilich Mejia