// lately 

We were lucky it was great weather this weekend. I forgot how much I loved Montreal. My suppliers are based there so we thought we'd take advantage of the holiday and go for the drive to see them. We ate at Garde Manger - just as delicious as I remembered and walked around Old Montreal. The Custom Table Company is just weeks away from it's launch date. I finally got to see the tables in person. They really are amazing. CKD has also been working closely with interior designer Kate Thornley-Hall on custom rugs for her client. Two of them should be ready for March. Can't wait to see them. Seeing my work transform into rugs is so exciting. Pumped to see samples from my own collection with Ali

I'm working from the home studio today in my sweatpants, just poured my second cup of coffee, and ready to get my paints out. I'm in the middle of Collection N 44 - a collection I've been taking my time on. Happy Tuesday! x


// Location: The Studio

Skate decks are in! These decks were inspired by the need for adventure. I want to instantly transport my buyer into a space they feel most alive. The images were taken from recent travels to Bali and Australia. The roses from Collection N 25 - a collection about learning to fall in love with the process. Samples have been approved for these which means launch date happening very soon! 

// MAMAN 2015

// Soho, New York

I've been putting together a portfolio book to send out to people I admire/ people I would love to work with. It has taken me a month to get to page four. I'm taking a different approach to the portfolio book, and putting together an actual story book. The story of CKD, how my projects and collections came to be. In the process I came across these photos taken in 2015 around this time. Elisa had just printed the Maman prints on fabric to turn into seat cushions, and I was in the beginning stages of Collection N Eleven. Crazy to think how much life has changed in just three years. Proof that anything is possible if you just go for it. 

// 01.26.18


The month of Jan = cold, tired, five pounds overweight. It has also been the month of meetings, and new ideas, and new designs, and a new office. Above are some new ideas I'm testing for skateboard decks. I've also fallen in love with the sisal grasscloth wallpaper texture. The flip table is almost ready to launch. OK, that's all back to work. x -C



I'm currently sitting in my new space. To the left of me white roses, thanks Curtis, to the right  - rug samples from Kate, a couple books from my studio, two empty coffee cups, and a skateboard deck sample. I'm listening to Girl Boss radio. I just finished Sophia's interview with Garance Dore. 

I was in a FaceTime meeting with Nichole from Obvious State earlier this morning. Obvious State is a brand that I looked up to while living in New York. A brand of one day becoming or working with. This morning we were talking about possibilities for a collaboration. It's crazy how life works. Opportunities will present themselves to you only when you're ready. Ready or not, but CKD will collaborating with a jewellery brand as well. Interesting things are happening. 


// 2017 recap

January 2017: I was sitting on the balcony with my feet up somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean ocean. I could hear the waves hit the side of the cruise ship. I was thinking how terrifying it would be to fall overboard. I refused to look down because of it. The sun went down. I looked up to see the stars. There was only one. I made a wish and walked back into my room.

I didn’t know then that a week later the Tropical Hotel in St. Barths would be installing their custom palm wallpaper, I would receive an email from Nemo Li in Sydney for a custom print for his Daily Eatery. Nemo Li and I would become business partners in a new venture. I also didn’t know then that I was going to return home to a meeting with Cale from Gelaskins that will lead to a collaboration with Microsoft's surface book - which is where I would discover a program that gave birth to the Sel Rrose flower. 

I didn’t know that I would land in Hong Kong three months after that because I was traveling to Australia and Bali, and Hong Kong was my layover. I would eat McDonalds because it was the only thing open. While I was in Australia Palm Lane would be in their planning stages, and would ask me to do a custom print sometime in May. Over martinis one night Caleigh would tell me about her idea to revolutionize the boxing gym and open something called BOLO, and through our meeting with her architect I would be introduced to Sarah - the founder of Mary Be where we would create the first ever Cabbage wallpaper.

Before I left for Australia I had coffee with a woman I had met at an event eight years ago. She introduced me to Ali from Weaver and Loom. I didn’t know that six months later Ali and I would be working on CKD’s first rug collection

That night I wished for 2017 to take CKD to places I could not have imagined on my own. I didn't know then that wishing on a star really does make dreams come true.