// 8:22 PM

// Location: Toronto

Spending the night on a boat made me want to get my boating license. There's nothing I love more than a night spent in cozy clothes on the water. The jet lag from London woke me up at 6 am to catch the sunrise. If Chrissy and I could figure out how to use the coffee maker it would have been the absolute perfect moment. I'll settle for perfect. I just poured myself a glass of whiskey and opened photoshop to Collection N 33. It feels good to be back in the studio. Which has mostly consisted of me laying on the floor listening to country music dreaming up new prints. So far I've learned all the words to "Small Town Boy", and have fallen in love with Dustin Lynch. Went by Yorkville Village to see Palm Lane. The newest ckd is looking just great on their walls. Palm Lane is Toronto's newest salad bar concept. K, that's all back to work. x -C


// Location: London

Back in the studio, up since 6 am because of the jet lag. Here are some photos found on my Nikon. I'm happy to be back. CKD has some exciting projects coming up in the next couple months. Phone on silent, music blasting, and coffee refilled. It's time to get to work. x -C


// Location: London

I don't think I've stopped smiling since I landed in London. I also haven't stopped eating. London has been quite the adventure so far and Collection N 33 is well on it's way because of it. It's looking very... white. Which is different than anything CKD has done before. Thank you London for all your inspiration, it was very much needed. 


// V & A Museum 

I wandered into the V & A museum to see Balenciaga and spotted Pink Floyd's exhibit on my way out. So I paid 20 pounds, and walked right in. I never knew how incredibly forward thinking Pink Floyd was. The exhibit was so inspiring. Their graphics, album covers, stage direction and set design. They were the innovators of huge interactive stage sets for their fans. Just so effortlessly cool. The best remainder that CKD needs to keep pushing harder. 


// Location: London, UK

It's 3:55 am in London at the moment and I'm very much jet lagged, so I thought I would say hi. It's been a nice change working from a different view. Although you can't really go wrong when the view is enchanting London. There should be an Advil equivalent for jet lag - call it "get on their time". Each bottle specific to the country with their flag as the packaging. K, night. 



The inspiration was cali/new york/ cool/aztec. Instead of going the traditional route, we thought we would flip aztec on it's head and do something different. So we added marble and weaved palm leaves throughout the print. Can't wait to see this repeated and on the wall. Here's just a sneak peek! CKD is currently in England at the moment. I'll be working from here for the next little while. Some exciting things in the works! updates later. x 


// Location: 127 Strachan Ave, Toronto

Broncos is keeping summer alive all year round and happy CKD has something to do with it. I swung by Broncos this afternoon to take some proper photos. Very happy with the way this mural turned out!