I started reading a book by Ryan Holiday called The Obstacle Is The Way. I am only a couple pages deep, but the book couldn’t have come at a better time. The obstacle is the path is what Ryan Holiday speaks about. When I took this photo I was about to throw in the towel and call it quits. It only took a simple change in perspective. The book read “The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” I’m not sure why it took me until now to figure out that the obstacles in the way are part of the path. They are our opportunities for growth - but only if we look at them that way.



Our Tashi and Chris got married! Chris has been in the family for almost 10 years. We could not be happier for the two of them! The rest of my days have been spent painting onsite. It’s coming along! I was asked to do a hand painted painterly mural. Very different than anything I have done before. Sweat and a few tears have gone into this project so far. I’ve stepped way outside my comfort zone. We are also doing wallpaper in the front entrance. Think Rustic hotel on a tropical island. This is going to be a very interesting project!

I am off to France next week! CKD is in need of a recharge and a change of scenery. It’s been non-stop work mode. The last time I was in Paris was 2016. A full month of August spent away in Europe. I am really looking forward to getting on the other side of the pond.


// Toronto, Ontario

When I finished Sel Rrose Montauk I told myself I would never live paint a wall again. Just one month later, here I am. Never say never. I’ll be onsite all week. We are doing a really cool rustic treatment to these walls which I’m super excited to dive into. Think old boutique hotel in Tulum.



For the last eight years of my life my website was my form of escapism. My little space in the world that I could carve out and call my own. On days that felt the hardest to get through I would open my computer and escape into my world of magic, a world where anything was possible and dreams came true. Life would feel ok again, even if just for a second. It is a bizarre feeling to see this little world that only existed in my head manifest into my everyday walking life. As my dreams start to come true in real life, I learned quickly they are only fun when celebrated with the people I love. For my 31st birthday (with the exception of some people missing) I had the opportunity to spend the night with the people I love the most.


// Miami Beach, Florida

CKD’s newest bespoke work opening very soon in Miami! I really love the way this turned out. Can’t wait to see this up. There are three different murals in this space.



Lost photos from Miami. This room was beautiful. Can’t wait to go back for the opening of Papi Steak.


// The making of Sel Rrose Montauk

Two weeks onsite in Montauk. Hand painting this mural was definitely challenging, but by the end of the two weeks I was a Montauk local, fell in love with the town and now it has become one of my happiest places to visit. I documented as much as I could from the process. There were a lot of flights back and forth from September of last year to now. Sourcing hospitality grade fabric that met all codes to cover the two main banquettes was the most rewarding and challenging task of my career. Then it was getting the scale right. Scale for the walls is much different than scale you put on fabric. Thank god for Francine and Dane. I learned a lot, and a lot about myself throughout this project. Click here to see the finished project. Such a beautiful job. Press play to see the YouTube process.



What a cool morning! Thank you Breakfast Television and Nicole Servinis for the opportunity! My Planta fam you’re the best for allowing us to use the space and showcase my latest Toronto install. Incase you missed the feature I’ll be posting the full morning on my instagram tomorrow! x C



CKD IS IN MIAMI! Feel likes 100 degrees out here. It probably is. I’m sweating just sitting here writing to you. CKD is in Miami for the week for an install. We worked really hard on this one. This is just a sneak peek of one fo the murals! There are three :) Photos in a couple months! x C