It's been a busy couple weeks! CKD has been head down lately in projects. Here are three that have arrived from my suppliers. Firstly the bespoke entry rug. I am very happy with the way it turned out. The number one 'must' for this rug was durability. The weave we used is an old Pakistani weave that usually only makes very traditional simple looking designs. Their durability is insane. We pushed the envelope with our weavers and made this! The design was created based on the weave. I can't wait to see this installed. Below are two full production projects going up in powder rooms. The willow tree design is now avaiable in collections!


// Bespoke galaxy installed 

Every single star hand placed. We printed on gold and silver reflective paper with a black reflective overlay to create Huge's very own galaxy. I'll have proper photos up soon! x


// Location: 364 Richmond St. West Toronto 

BIG BOLO is open and it's pretty insane. A cafe, blow dry bar, hot rooms, hit rooms, personal training, showers and loads of work out machines that I don't know how to use. Oh and three ckd custom prints! Congratulations to the BOLO team! 


// Location: Front entry

My client was looking for a rug to replace her currently outdated front entry rug. Instructions were high traffic, something dark for the winter boots, durable, and pretty. We took inspiration from artwork hanging in her kitchen - a very loose hand sketch of a flower. We mimicked the loose hand drawing made them oversized and alternated between solid and outline. My rug manufacturer took this idea and found a weave that would be super durable, within budget and of course would give us the look we wanted. What makes this rug special isn't so much the design, it's how the rug is put together to fit all her needs. The weave we used, the quality, the type of wool. That's true bespoke rug making. Can't wait to see all 8'x8' of this! x 



BOLO (new location including a full cafe, blowout bar, boxing ring, hot rooms, and personal training) Friday, Juice Bar Saturday, Huge Agency install tomorrow. It's been a busy couple weeks. There is nothing better than watching it all come together. Both of these projects were almost a year in the making. Can't wait to see them both completed! x