// Location: 2537 Yonge St, Toronto

I am in love with this space. These iPhone photos do not do it justice. Studio Munge asked CKD to create a wall to ceiling mural. Concept was large geometric with hand painted texture. CKD also supplied all the Turkish inspired area rugs throughout the space. Very cool project, thank you for having me Byblos! x C



Over the past two months photographer Charles Graham and I have been coming up with concepts for CKD’s facelift. Yesterday was phase one. I can’t wait to show you these photos, and can’t wait to show you concept #2 of the shoot.



This is me caught on site head to toe in Nike. Not intentional. It deserved a photo. Byblos is opening soon. The space is looking gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it all together. CKD has bespoke wallpaper and a selection of Turkish rugs throughout the space as well!


// Location: 20 Wellington Street East

It’s open! The newest Cantina Mercatto is here! I worked with GZ Art Co and Studio Munge on this project. Two murals, fish on the ceiling and mural concept framed artwork throughout the space. It came together beautifully.



Back to back installs, overnight rush orders, 15 hour days, late nights, really early mornings, on and off airplanes, revamping CKD, launching an online store, developing new product, presenting my work in places I used to dream about. Life lately has been nuts. And it has been scary and it has been insane, but absolutely amazing. I never thought I would enjoy the rush of it all, but I do. I’ve never felt so alive. I have learned some of my hardest lessons in the past three months. And lost some sleep and friends because of them. This time I felt the growing pains and some days were unbearable to get through. God will only give you what he knows you can handle. I need to trust that more. There is SO much happening for 2019. Can’t wait to see how all of this unfolds in the next couple months. x C



I’m having a really hard time keeping my eyes open at the moment. but I thought I’d quickly say hi and show you some of the artwork that is going to be used for CKD’s newest custom piece for the new Byblos restaurant opening soon. The piece has been sent to my suppliers for production. and it’s really cool. can’t wait to show you what we’ve come up with. k going to bed. x C


// 20 Wellington

Install day at 20 Wellington. I’m really happy with the way this mural turned out. Tuscan fantasy was the direction I was given. Oversized fish and octopus, a magical floating window, Tuscan sun, white butterflies and oversized lemons was what CKD came up with. Can’t wait to see this space when it’s done. Studio Munge have beautiful plans.