// SEE YA 2014

// RECAP: 

2014 was challenging. Anyone else? It was a year of choice for me. Do I stay, do I go - do I get up and get dressed even though my body is exhausted. I've learned - regardless of the outcome of the choice made, it's the reason behind making that choice that really means something - the driving force. It's like the saying, when you don't know what to choose flip a coin. Whether it lands on heads or tails - it doesn't matter, it's the outcome of the choice you secretly wished for when the coin was up in the air. 

How badly do you really want it? That's what Dan asked me one morning when I was almost in tears about how tired I was. It took me a while to pinpoint what 'it' was. A couple months to be honest. Was 'it' success? Was 'it' design? Was 'it' my huge dream that's out of this world super crazy? I have come to the conclusion that I don't really know what 'it' is. What I do know is that I love to create. And my passion to create has been my driving force for all of my hard choices of 2014, and life has rewarded me with such incredible experiences that I am extremely thankful for. 

All of the very influential photographers - artists - designers didn't design to have 100k followers on Instragram. They took photographs because they liked to take photos, and I believe this is the reason that has made them who they are today. It kept each incredible photographer original compared to the next incredible photographer. Michael Jackson didn't sing because he wanted to be 'Michael Jackson' one day, he was a man with incredible talent who needed to sing. Terry Richardson decided to take his camera out to a New York night club one night just for fun, way back when no one knew him, and took a rather racy photo of a lady sipping on her drink. He become known for it, obviously not over night. But eventually racy developed into his style. I personally love his work. 

My 2015 is going to be about taking more chances, growing, crafting and perfecting my work. I promise to stay original, I have never had a desire to fit in anyways. I am here to design. I know that now, and for that I am coming after 2015 like a 9 month old who has taken his/her first step. Slowly, but eager as hell to learn how to finally walk on my own. 

I hope you had an a lovely new year. Happy 2015! Oh, and to kick off the new year, new horoscopes are up!! x -C