I can remember my first day arriving in the City. August 18th, 2013 New York City summer heat, and I was wearing a jacket... by the time my mom and I got to my door, we were both sweating. Three flights up, two suitcases, and a huge smile on my face. Man, I can't believe it's already been a year. Actually I lied, I can believe that. It feels like it. Way too many incredible things have happened. 

Dan and I were sharing a pitcher of beer the other night over a conversation that stuck with me. Before moving to New York, before FIT, Calixte, Farrah, Fashion Week... like, I'm going all the way back to the iCandiSelife, when the Selfie wasn't a 'Selfie' yet. Almost everyone I knew either laughed at me behind my back or to my face for them. I used to get laughed at a lot. I got laughed at when I started to bring my camera out with me to make videos, when I would talk about my huge dreams, when I talked about moving to New York City, the list can go on.

When I finally got to New York everyone here stopped laughing at me. It was such an odd feeling. I could tell someone here that I want to become the President of Amurica, and I'm almost positive the answer would be "well then go get it". You know how I would feel about that answer? Annoyed. Why aren't you laughing. I miss the laughing. When the laughing stopped, I started to dream bigger, work harder, and push myself to keep making things that hopefully someone would either roll their eyes at or laugh at.

It's f*cked up, and so true. 

So, above all the annoying/needed/awesome/annoying lessons that life has taught me in just a year, the most important that I've learned: If you're not getting laughed at, you're doing something wrong. 

Cheers to another year New York City. Can't wait to see where this new year will take me. 

x -C