// 1.13.15

// Lately 

Wallpaper goin' up, on a Tuesday. Candice Kaye Design will be up on the walls in a new spot in Soho. Yup, Elisa and Ben [owners of Maman] are doing it again. Hint - it has to do with chickens. I swear those two never stop. Candice Kaye Design is also doing a collaboration with Roots Canada. This is my proud to be Canadian moment. It will be coming out Spring 2015. Can't wait to see it all put together. Ok, that's all for lately. Oh, oh I also got a new job! Yup, you're talking to the newest designer lady in the custom rug department at Holland & Sherry. An extremely high-end textile company in New York. Very excited about it. Alright, speaking of work time to go. Happy Tuesday! x -C