// Who is Candice Kaye Design

This photo was taken in my old home in Greenwich Village [by Jose J. Martinez], a Village I miss about once a week. I miss my Carrie window , and walking home late night to Jazz music oozing out of the bars on either side of me. I also miss The Cupping Room. My favorite breakfast. Last night for Dan's last night as a 26 year old, we enjoyed half price margaritas & nachos and talked about life in our new hood in a new restaurant, and it felt just as fabulous. 'Who is Candice Kaye Design now compared to who I want it to be' is a question I ask myself at least once a day, and last night it was a topic of conversation [gotta love a man who will sit and listen]. I've made the decision to leave my full-time job here in New York [a job i've worked incredibly hard for] and go all in. It's time Candice Kaye Design gets my full attention. So the question now requires much more honesty, where do I see Candice Kaye Design? The answer: hotels, restaurants, cafes, beautiful installations, and the walls of your homes. A dream would be to work with the Beverley Hills Hotel or a Soho House. That palm wallpaper is iconic. The scale is large, the colors are bright, and it's 100% one of a kind. I just want to do really cool shit, and take textile design to new levels. The secret is, Candice Kaye Design isn't just stopping at wallpaper, that was just my beginning. 

It's an exciting time for Candice Kaye Design. I have new products launching in the new year, and time - loads of it, that will be all mine, and yours ;)