// Location: Couch bound 

it's currently 10:33 pm, the couch is where i've been for the past hour, and i'm about 1 1/2 glasses of whiskey deep [takes another sip]. it's been a while since i've fallen in love with a tumblr. pinterest is lovely, but there is nothing i love more than a good tumblr. it can put me on the couch for hours. i sort of just get lost in the photos. paris has always been a huge inspiration of mine. and not the cliché Eiffel tower paris, but the secret paris. the one i experienced when I sat at Hôtel Costes alone. photos from paris have always been my favourite, the colors of that city are naturally très chic. maybe it's the whiskey, but i'm in the mood to book a one way ticket to paris. wanna know a little secret? I actually do that every morning after my first sip of coffee - go on cheapoair and hit "new york" to "london". today i found a flight for $500.00 leaving tomorrow. it's my little morning daydream. before i moved to new york and wished i did, i would do the same thing from "toronto" to "new york". and now i type that into cheapoair at least once a month, and every time i do i smile a little.