// Location: Punta Cana

So I think it hit me. Headache, sore body, and sleepy eyes. I've caught the go-go-go-stop syndrome. I get it often when I'm at home in Canada for a weekend, but Punta Cana operates on one level - very slow. The first couple days of being here I didn't know what it felt like to just sit and relax, as in I totally forgot what it felt like. At the moment - it's currently 8:40 am - I feel like I've got run over by a train and all I want to do is sleep until I feel better. Which is most likely what I need. I'll sleep on the beach. Problem solved. Anyway back to the reason we are all here, Britt and Evan's wedding. Aside from the fact that the bride and groom got rained on by a typhoon [literally, the poor bride was drenched] they bounced back with new outfits, and threw the most incredible party. Our Brittany Rapp is now a Mrs. Blainey and I couldn't be more happy for her. I hope you're enjoying the week [throws on her beach coverup] x -C