// Beyonce.com

Some people don't like her. Actually one of the ladies I work with thinks she full of it. That's fine - she's just the coolest person IN THE WORLD. I'm currently eating my lunch [corn and salad, incase you were wondering] and just recently stopped scrolling through Pinterest for colo(u)r ways because I clicked Beyonce's face which took me to her interview with The Gentlewomen published just before her Life Is But A Dream documentary. I was about half way into the interview and typed in Beyonce.com. Umm, did anyone else know Beyonce has like a tumblr blog thing - where she posts all of her photos? Because I just found out today, and it's made me so excited that I had to tell right away [that was said all in one breath]. I'm all about the candid behind the scenes. She's a huge inspiration of mine - both creativity and as a business woman. Definitely someone I would like to work with one day [not sure how, maybe I'll do the print for her next concert ha..] - her, and the Olsen Twins. Ou, maybe I should add that to my bucket list.