// Location: Photo Booth

So, what did everyone do with their Valentines Day this weekend? I've never been a Valentines Day gal. Elisa [owner of Maman Cafe] and I had an interview scheduled for 9 am Saturday morning, but it got cancelled due to New York Fashion Week's crazy schedule. At least it forced us to a coffee date. She's been crazy with the opening of Papa Poule, running Maman, and event after event. It turned out to be the perfect morning. When you put the two of us together we don't stop talking - a symphony of "AH YES, I love that idea - OK let's do it". I showed her sketches of the new collection [which will be launching this spring!]. So many exciting things to come.. which also means a lot more work for me. Ha.. 

The rest of my Valentines Day was spent with my other best friend. I brought him delicious chicken from Papa Poule [my valentines day gift], and he treated me to $4.00 beers at a bar down the street from his house [along with tickets to "Sleep No More" - an off broadway show I've been dying to see]. Our more than one $4.00 beers lasted for hours talking about life, goals, and me forcing him to make up a bucket list [he doesn't believe in them]. I didn't get far. Didn't care much though, the $4.00 beers bar had a photo booth : )

I hope you guys had a good weekend! Couldn't be more excited that tomorrow is a holiday. A day spent working on the new collection. Oh wait, I realized I never told you the name. Ready for it? "N 11". I'll explain the name and story behind the collection soon! x -C