// Location: Studio

I decided it was time to face my fears and add a ground color to my designs. During my studio/school days adding a ground color was the scariest thing ever. We used paint. You know what happens with paint, it doesn't erase. So imagine 20 + plus hours spent on painting all those flowers all those vines by hand, and then knowing that the ground color could potentially kill the entire design. Only once did I have to start all over again. I didn't mix enough paint and I couldn't match the color for the life of me. My prof mentioned that once, that it was impossible to match a color perfectly so always mix more than enough paint. It was the worst 20 + hours of my life. I saw the sunset and sunrise and switched from wine to coffee. I do not miss those days. My body physically rejects long nights now. By 10 pm, my body shuts down. Anyways, what you think?